our official launch date: July 22, 2024

official release date: November 16, 2024


Jeff Horn Sipms, code name Toby, was born an android human, but on the day he turned 17, the government made a statement and it was said on the radio that even if androids were economically profitable, they would all be rounded up and executed due to lowering the welfare of the country, but because of the congratulatory sounds on his birthday. He doesn't hear the news and while he blows the birthday cake, he is the only person who can escape from the window while all his relatives are shot by the sudden police raid, he is now alone, he has no family and his life adventure begins. What awaits the players here; To keep Toby alive is to make money, to make himself human, and to infiltrate people.

Irsher Studio: Stowaway only $7,5

Certain Pictures in Stowaway: